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Former Capitol Police Chief Says Trump Home Terrorists Got here Ready For Struggle


Former Capitol Police Chief Steven A. Sund mentioned that Trump’s home terrorists who attacked the Capitol got here ready for battle.


Sund mentioned whereas testifying on the terrorist assault:

I’ve been in policing for nearly 30 years. The occasions I witnessed on January sixth was the worst assault on legislation enforcement and our democracy that I’ve seen in my total profession. I witnessed insurgents beating cops with fists, pipes, sticks, bats, metallic barricades and flag poles. These criminals got here ready for battle. They got here with their very own radio system to coordinate the assault and climbing gear and different tools to defeat the Capitol’s safety features. I’m sickened by what I witnessed that day.

Our officers fought valiantly utilizing batons, shields, chemical munitions and pepper ball weapons to carry again the attackers. Capitol Police and responding legislation enforcement businesses confirmed large restraint by not utilizing their firearms which might have probably led to a extra chaotic scenario and attainable mass casualty incident.

Republicans like Sen. Ron Johnson of Wisconsin have been pushing the lie that there was no armed insurrection at the Capitol. The testimony of former Chief Sund is that not solely had been the terrorists armed, however they carried out a coordinated assault to overthrow the federal government.

The assault was a lot worse than many Individuals understand. The testimony means that impeachment was too good for Donald Trump. He funded, organized, and cheered on the attack. It seems to be like the previous president must be criminally charged for what he has accomplished.

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